For today’s preview of the upcoming Town Hall 12 update, we have an interview with Clash of Clans Game Designer, Eino Joas, giving us a little insight into the new Town Hall.

Fanipojat kirkuu ja T-Nationilla hehkutetaan kun kyykky nousi 120 -> 150kg puolessa vuodessa. 531 alkaa olla niin laaja käsite että kohta tulee jo "531 for Cooking amazing food" tai vastaavaa. Sama kun Westsidella joku 10 vuotta sitten kun kaikkien oli pakko tehdä Westsidea vaikka heille ei ollut hajuakaan mihin se perustui ja miten sitä ... May 25, 2016 · Extensive 8 month wendler review. I ran the Wendler program for eight months and added 30kg to my squat, 20kg to my bench press and 20kg to my Deadlift ending at a 150kg squat, 140kg bench press and 190kg Deadlift. I recommend it for intermediate lifters, not for beginners. Anyways, Wendler came out with a new book recently, "531 Forever." There is a program in the new book called "The Krypteia." I have been doing it for a couple of months now with a lot success so I figured I would start a training log outlining what my workouts are looking like and give everyone a review of the program.